Bed Rails for Kids

What makes bed rails for kids an important aspect at a certain time of kid’s growth? It is every parents mandate to ensure that their kids are safe when they get in and out of bed and when they are asleep. It is only natural for a kid to toss and turn up hazard while asleep, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their toddlers are safe and enjoy their sleep as much as they can without any fear of falling off.

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The Importance of Bed Rails for Kids

These rails are important from the minute you stop sleeping with your toddler and teach them to be independent. If you are sourcing for a bed rail it is important to opt for a child bed rails. These beds are surrounded with rails all round to protect them from falling from any side of the bed as kids are vulnerable to falling while sleeping.

The falling could be brought about by bad dreams, if the kid played too much during the day or when they are hungry. These are the most likely times that they are prone to turning anyhow. The best age to get toddlers bed rails is when they are six month and going. It is rare for a one to six months toddler to make unnecessary moves unless it is their parents who is turning them.

However, kids are very different hence the importance of observing your toddler to be able to note when you need to consider getting them a safety first bed rails for kids.


There are different types of kids bed rails, examples include:

  • Flexible bed rails – these are models that you can carry when you are travelling with your kids. These types reduce the worry that comes when one is travelling of where your kids will sleep.
  • Side bed rails is another type that protects your kids from falling on the sides, this is the most common type of bed rails that parents with kids from 2-5 years opt for.


  • Safety bed rails have rails all around, since the movement of kids are unpredictable, it helps protect them from injuries that might be accrued due to falling when they are sleeping.


These devices can be easily installed on platform beds and convertible cribs. It is important to choose a model with gap guards in order to assure your children’s safety.

Immediately a kid adopt to the environment of sleeping alone, they learn to control their movements as they know they are prone to fall if they are not careful, a kid aged  6 years does not necessary have to use bed rails for kids as they have already adopted to the independence of sleeping alone.

Toddler bed rails are the perfect choice for children when they are old enough to leave aside their cribs. You will figure it out when the child can climb out of the crib.


Also, you can find two types of toddler beds:

  • Those where the rails are part of them. These types are not recommended as you need to change them when your children will grow up or you may want to change the rails in future.
  • Beds which have the option to attach the rails: Up to age of 6 years it is recommended not to use bunk beds. Look for safety rails features first, like not solid enough or any sharp edges. You can take the bed rails down during the day, if your kid likes to climb on them.

Sizes and Risks

The size of bed rails for kids that you need depends on the age and size of your kids. These are not foolproof safety devices  and generally don’t extend the full length of a kid’s bed.  Be very careful with the gap between rails ,not to be too large to prevent your children get stuck. Also, install the rails on both sides on the bed, even if it is near the wall. Seek advice before purchasing the kids bed rails to be sure of what is or is not right for your kid.

Safety Kid Bed Rails

With bed safety rails in place, your kids not only feel protected but the fear of falling is far from vicinity. The safest models are those that attaches to the top of the mattress frame and the rails fits the size of the bed. A kid would trust the bed rails just as they trust their parents; this is why it is important to get the best type of bed rails for kids.

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