Bed Rails for Kids

Bed Rails for Kids

How to find the best bed rails for your child

It can be an exciting time in both the children’s and the parent’s lives when comes time to transition your child to sleep in their own bed. However, you must be aware that certain cautionary measures should be taken. That is why bed rails should be considered until you’re fully competent that your child can sleep through the night without rolling out of their bed. This is common among children due to the fact that they have become accustomed to sleeping against the bars of the crib since it supports their weight.

This is not the case with beds; there are obviously no supportive bars on the side of the bed; unless you add them of course. This is why bed rails are needed. There are a few types of bed rails that you should consider for your child’s safety. To aid in your search, here are a few great bed rails to consider that will give you an idea of what you need to be looking for…


Semicircle Bed Rail Bumper Pad for Toddler

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These styles of bumpers are lightweight and fit on either side of the bed as well as eliminate the threat of entrapment. The semicircle bed rail bumper is strong enough to prevent your child from rolling off the bed, yet soft enough to act as a pillow if your child rests their head against it. It as simple as placing it on the bed and letting the foam stick to the mattress pad.


  • Prevents children from rolling off their bed’s during the night
  • Eliminates entrapment concerns
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Low profile design allows sheets to fit over without having to buy deep pocket sheets.


Regalo Swing Down Bed rail

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The Regalo Swing Down Bed rail provides an all steel frame design that is 43 inches long and provides full coverage and security with its gap guard system that secures the bed rail tight against the mattress to eliminate any gaps and prevent entrapment.


  • Easy to use with a swing down design
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Gap Guard technology prevents entrapment
  • 43-inches long and 20-inches tall
  • Removable and washable mesh wall included

Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail

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Quick and easy to install the Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail for four kid is made of a sturdy steel frame that fits snugly against the side of the mattress and prevents entrapment. Although the hide away technology which allows you to fold this up and slide it under the mattress enables for easy storage, it can be a big hassle when it comes to changing sheets.


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Extremely durable. Consists of nylon fabric and sturdy steel frame
  • Slides underneath mattress when not in use
  • white mesh slides over the frame prevents entrapment
  • Easy to clean
  • Changing the sheets or making the bed can be a hassle


Magic Bumpers Portable Child Safety Bed Guard Rail

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Magic Bumpers bed guards are designed to fit under your child’s bedding as a different approach to traditional bed rails. They are made from firm polyurethane foam wedges with a non slip surface that secures firmly to the mattress and under all the bedding. Each set contains 4 wedges that are 5 inches wide and 5 inches high as well as 24 in long and work best when placed in pairs on each side of the mattress.


  • Consists of four pieces: 5 inches high, 5 inches wide, 24 inches long
  • No Assembly needed
  • Non-slip surface of the foam ensures safety and stability
  • Eliminates entrapment worries

Those are just a few of the top models you will find and will give you an idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to finding the right bed rails for your kid. For sources to find more info or other models, it’s always a safe bet to look on amazon first before you look up other sources.

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Types of Bed Rails

There are different types of kids bed rails, examples include:

  • Travel bed rails – these are models that you can carry when you are travelling with your kids.
  • Side bed rails is another type that protects your kids from falling on the sides, this is the most common type of bed rails that parents with kids from 2-5 years opt for.
  • Safety bed rails have rails all around, since the movement of kids are unpredictable, it helps protect them from injuries that might be accrued due to falling when they are sleeping.

Compare Here the best Bed Rails

Finding the right bed rails that fits your child sleep habits can seem easy, but believe it or not there are a few things you should know to get the full function out of the bed rail you choose. It often helps to know the best qualities to look for when shopping for the best bed rails for your kid.


What to look for when choosing bed rails for kids?

The kid bed rails size

The first thing to consider is the size of the bed rail you need, you will have a choice of half or full and it is highly recommended that you go with full to offer maximum support and to avoid what is known as entrapment. This is where your kid can get stuck between the bed and the railing. To avoid this issue, its best to make sure that you look for a bed rail that has straps to secure the bed rail to the mattress.

Look for both sides of the bed

Also, it is a great idea to look for bed rails that can fit on both sides of the bed, are easy to install and can fold down out of the way when not in use.

Finally, style can play an important factor in what bed rails you decide to buy as well, after all, the point is to get your child to be excited about their new sleeping arrangement, so if it feels like they are in an institution or a hospital bed that might make the transition a bit tougher.

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